We'll take the LEAD in LED Display Technology.


Today's era calls for bright and noticeable screens that can break through the noise and capture the attention of your viewers. This is important in church, especially if it is to bring forth the important gospel message. LED displays have become an integral part of the worship experience because of it's effectiveness in engaging the congregation. Unfortunately, most audio/ visual companies have noticed the need and increased the market value, making LED displays and technology unaffordable for many churches. That's where Kingdom Technology Partners comes in! We'll talk through your mission and long term vision to help pair you with affordable displays from leading vendors. We'll help design, build, and install state of the art LED displays that will help cut over 2.5x the life of your old projector.


Benefits of LED Display Technology


More Brightness with Less Power.

LED displays emits light vs other traditional solutions reflect light. 1 Nit = 3.46 Lux making LED 3.4 times brighter than projection and much better in spaces with excessive ambient light. LED displays don't require no bulbs, consuming less power than leading display technology.


Modular Fashion.

LED tiles are small and portable. This allows unlimited configurations and freedom for your creative stage designs.


Attract Attention.

Greet your congregation and promote your events in the highest of high resolutions. LED technology is clear, crisp, precise, and accurate. No matter the size of the congregation, your message will get through.