With over 55+ years of combined experience,
we've learned a thing or two.


Let's be honest...

Technical systems, and their people, can be confusing and overwhelming, especially if that isn't your wheelhouse. Luckily, it's in ours and we can help.

Each organization has a unique technological fingerprint and our service and support is no different. Kingdom Technology Partners (KTP) is an audio, visual, lighting, and broadcasting service company that specializes in understanding your mission and implementing custom solutions to your technological pain points. Not only do we implement systems that minimize stress and worry,  we offer customizable partnership solutions that give constant relief throughout the lifecycle of the system. No matter how big or small the congregation or organization is, we always have a solution tailored to your technological needs.


We understand...

There’s much more to technical systems than installing, configuring, commissioning and turning the system over to our clients to make the systems and our clients successful.


We strive to build a partnership with our clients to understand their mission and vision.  Understanding the short term and long term vision of our clients is important to ensure that the technical system’s we provide are high quality, reliable, scalable, and provide all the functionality need to complete there mission and vision for years to come.

This includes consulting, design, installation, including phased installation to accommodate both budget and needs, configuration, maintenance, training, and support, etc.  Our goal is to create a partnership with your organization and become an accountable, trusted and loyal member of your team to ensure your technical systems are properly maintained and operating at its maximum potential.

What separates us from our competitors is that we stay with customers far long after the installation is complete.  Whether it’s continued preventative maintenance or on going support, we will always stand next to you.


At a glance, you’re dealing with...


- A company full of ministry leaders called to ministry. We understand that each church is different and that diversity is what excites us.

- Engineers and technicians who serve at their own churches. They are all hand-picked and trained in small to large multi campus churches with campuses ranging from 100 to 10,000. We have experience not only building and running technical venues built to scale, but that can interact with one another.

- A team that is trusted and dependable. Every employee has undergone a 100% background check including a comprehensive work history and credit check. We understand that your trust is important. We will only send you the best.

- A team that consults, designs, and implements high-end systems in audio, video, lighting, broadcast, and recording with technology rightly fitted to your vision and fulfilling your mission.

- A team that can produce creative products through web, graphical, video, and audio expressions.



We hear you and we'll make sure you'll be heard, well. Your home stereo system doesn't hold a candle to what we can do.



Lighting is a lot like clothing. You can wear it for sheer functionality, or you can wear it well in a style that matches who you are. Let's dress to impress.



Live or recorded, video should reveal the best of who you are. Make sure your audience sees your best side with us to capture it.



This isn't some live streaming app on your mobile phone. This is cutting edge, industry standard services that projects who you are to anyone you'd like to reach. 


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