Citizen Heights is a Hillsong Family church that opened in 2006 under the vision and guidance of Lead Pastors Michael and Heather Giroux. Located in the heart of Washington, D.C, the church is a rapid growing community that led to opening a second campus in northern Virginia. Citizen Heights leads a diverse community of all backgrounds which include millennials and the older generation. 


Case Study #1: LED Wall and Video Monitors

Citizen Heights has a contemporary worship approach and the church was looking to create a permanent video wall, 18 ft wide and 10 ft tall, to be the centerpiece of the church’s worship each week. The LED wall would be used to replace their back wall, in need of immediate restoration, for their historic venue. Additionally, the building was in need of a system to provide quality audio/ video technology to overflow rooms, the pastor’s office, and the sanctuary. With the exact dimensions, Kingdom Technology Partners, a certified partner and installer of PixelFLEX, was able to put the wall together in a 4K configuration over the course of one week. Through a phased approach, 4K commercial displays were installed throughout the building with the capability to broadcast live image of the worship service.

Citizen Heights now receives a LED background that gives extremely high quality videos to the congregation in all aspects of their worship experience.


Case Study #2: Lighting Enhancement


With a new quality LED wall, Citizen Heights proceeded to enhance their worship experience by adding and upgrading light fixtures. Before KTP was introduced to them, the lighting set up was outdated and had a poor maintenance schedule due to primary focus on other building projects. The performance of the newly installed LED wall outshined existing lights.

Our team of technicians was able to repurpose existing lights after performing much needed maintenance and cleaning. Additionally, moving spots were added on a new truss for back lighting. A hazer was fixed to bring out the beautiful rays from the lights.