Staffing couldn't get any easier.

KTP also provides absentee and optional staffing blocks for all facets of Technical Ministries.

We understand that at times throughout the year you may have large events, be short handed due to volunteers being on vacation, having to work, etc. and may need additional support. Sometime you just need a staff member for training!

We understand that some churches may not need or be able to have technical ministries support and expertise on a full time, 40 hrs, or even part time, 20 hrs, basis that your church needs to meet the mission and vision of your church.  The amount of time required is dependent on your church.  It may only be once or twice a week, once a month, twice month, etc. based on your needs. 

We can provide these services on a need by need basis anytime, but we can also provide discounted rates monthly if these services are signed up for on a monthly basis in our yearly contract.


KTP can provide all aspects of Technical/ Media Ministries, such as but not limited to:

Technical Directors

Lighting Programmers

Lighting Operators

Presentation/ Lyrics

Video Directors

Switcher Operators

Audio Engineers

Service Producers

Camera Operators

Stage Managers

Stage Technicians

MEDIA Technicians