Our goal is to partner with your church or organization to assist you in providing excellence, through technology, for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.  We understand the importance of being proactive with technical systems to ensure that appropriate preventative maintenance is being done to keep the systems running reliably and at peak efficiency.  We strive to take the stress out of worrying about what will or won’t work each time your systems are used, allowing you, your church, and organization to focus on ministering to your technical teams and congregation.

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"Affordable" and "Easy" go hand-in-hand with us

We have found that each church’s technical systems are different and the level of support needed for one church may not be needed at another.  We therefore don’t have a set of defined service packages you must pick from.  We create customized service plans tailored for each church to provide an affordable monthly plan based on your current system and needs.  This is also beneficial from a budgeting perspective to have a set cost each month to properly maintain your system.

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