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Point of Contact (POC)
Point of Contact (POC)
Church or Organization Coordinator
Section A: Change Request Description
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Request Date
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Section C: Online Addendum Approval
This online document serves as an addendum to the original SOW contract. Additional services and/or materials outlined in this form are requests from Kingdom Technology Partners are not included in the original SOW. Therefore, all parties (KTP and Church POC/ Coordinator) have agreed to amend the current SOW to expand the scope of work for this project as described in the Change Request Description.
Authorized Client Agent Name *
Authorized Client Agent Name
By typing my name, I am electronically signing this form and approving, as written, and Kingdom Technology Partners is authorized to perform these services. Kingdom Technology Partners will invoice our Church/ Organization for the final payment cost upon sign off as well as any additional approved materials and labor outlined in this Change Request.
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