Online Change Request Form

We do understand that there are times during projects that requirements need to be changed and/or added to the Statement of Work Contract.

If changes do arise, a Statement of Work Change Request Form  needs to be completed, signed and approved by all parties prior to any additional or changes occurring.

No requirements can be added or changed to this statement of Work without the approval of both Kingdom Technology Partners and partner/ client.


Please complete the form below

Located in the Front of SOW Contract
Point of Contact (POC)
Point of Contact (POC)
Church or Organization Coordinator
Section A: Change Request Description
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Request Date
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Section B: Impact Assessment
Short Description
Section C: Online Addendum Approval
This online document serves as an addendum to the original SOW contract. Additional services and/or materials outlined in this form are requests from Kingdom Technology Partners are not included in the original SOW. Therefore, all parties (KTP and Church POC/ Coordinator) have agreed to amend the current SOW to expand the scope of work for this project as described in the Change Request Description.
Authorized Client Agent Name *
Authorized Client Agent Name
By typing my name, I am electronically signing this form and approving, as written, and Kingdom Technology Partners is authorized to perform these services. Kingdom Technology Partners will invoice our Church/ Organization for the final payment cost upon sign off as well as any additional approved materials and labor outlined in this Change Request.
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